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I bumper into various wildlife during the trip, and that's not including conference ...

I believe they are 'rock squirrels'. Cute, and though wild, accustomed to humans and perfectly willing to drag off anything that might contain food. Including rucksacks.

Another rock squirrel.

A bone fide skunk, found slinking around the approach to the NAU dorm.

A little lizard, don't know what type. Loads of them were running around Phantom Ranch.

A raven, one of many seen around the South Rim, and also in Flagstaff. This one was in Indian Gardens.

Some of the mules that take people into (and out of) the Grand Canyon. I found that mules do not digest food, they just compress it a little ...

A wild terrantula, found by the guy who runs the youth hostel, and brought home. Which means it almost certainly still has a venom sack. Apparently they're too stupid to be domesticated anyway.