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South Kaibab Trail: Skeleton Point to Tonto Trail Junction

I don't have a picture of Skeleton Point; there wasn't a lot there save a sign. These pictures are just after it...

A view east-ish at the trail. I don't think the South Kaibab goes all the way to the next level you can see, but actually curves left around the base of this rock.

A zoomed-in peak southwards at the Phantom Ranch area. You can see the Bright Angel Campground to the left of Bright Angel Creek (the brown lines between trees) and the ranger station before the ranch. The ranch itself lies out of sight further round the creek.

A view westwards down the canyon. The Colorado River is at the bottom of the big crevice.

Cool rock formation. I presume the hole is natual.

Looking to the North Rim ...

... and the South Rim, though you can only really see the O'Neill Butte.

North Rim. Will try to indentify the peaks.

Further down, looking at O'Neill's Butte again.

Looking at the North Rim. The toilets at the Tonto Trail Junction are visible in the lower right corner.

Looking west down the canyon.

Wish I had a big white horse and a mask ...