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My Trip to Arizona

This site is still heavily under construction.

Here are some of the pictures from my trip to Arizona. I've tried to split the pictures up by area. This is very graphics-intensive and I've given an indication of the size of the files involved for each section. If you're on a slow connection, or just don't have the time to look at them all, you might like to just take a look at the highlights (660Kb).

I've put together an overall map of the area of Grand Canyon I visited, which is the Grand Canyon page. Although the maps take up some 650Kb, its the only way I can give you an idea of where the pictures were taken. Links can then take you to each of the sections listed on the left, by clicking on the map.


Northern Arizona Univsity (NAU) (126Kb)
Lowell Observatory (31Kb)
Grand Canyon (650Kb)
South Rim
Bright Angel Lodge (618Kb)
Yavapai Point (436Kb)
Mather Point (408Kb)
South Kaibab Trail
Trailhead to Skeleton Point (778Kb)
Skeleton Point to Tonto Trail Junction (949Kb)
Tonto Trail Junction to Phantom Ranch (1.07Mb)
Phantom Ranch (332Kb)
River Trail (325Kb)
Bright Angel Trail
River Trail to Indian Gardens (1.39Mb)
Indian Gardens to Trailhead (1.03Mb)
Wildlife (553Kb)